About Us


Big7g.com was launched in July 2012 as part of Welfare Ecommerce Company for trading online. Big7g will provide you on daily basis with the best deals for restaurants and Electronics and activities across the Middle East. Big7g is considering as fun and easy way to make you have the best offers in your city.

Wonderful experiences! 
Shopping with us is very easy! When you see killer offer that make you immediately buy it and confirm the deal and make it available! The next steps after your subscriptions is telling your friends, colleagues and family members about the stunning deal and ask them to participate in the transaction to be confirmed. Each offer will be available for one week, so tell all of your friends about the deal!

We offer great deals for all activities and products and all of them are highest quality!

We do our best to ensure that every deal advertised on our website is special deal and unique.

The Company:
Welfare E-Commerce

United Arab Emirates
PO Box. 97850 - Dubai
Tel: + 97142560561
Dubai – Abu Hail - Alpha Med Building- Office No. M18