Why there is only one deal per day?
There are a lot of events and activities available so some time you can’t choose one of them to try it? We work to bring you a great deal every day can’t be compared with any other deal or offer in the city! We are the solution to this problem we bring you fantastic Deal every day at incredible price! Stay connects with Big7g and you will discover that you can’t refuse our Offers.

Why the deal is canceled?
If not enough participants in the transaction it will be canceled and will not be calculated any amount or deduction to the participants.

Why the name Big7g? 
We have invented name Big7g because it shows the great savings the buyer will have.

Where the headquarters of Big7g? And what’s the story behind the site?
The head office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Site has been established under the umbrella of welfare Group. We intend to make to revolution in concept of purchases online in the Middle East by providing amazing offers at incredible prices for our fantastic customers.

Should I use the voucher on the same day I bought it? 
Not necessarily! Each deal will have expiry date specified its own, and will not necessarily be used on the same purchase day. Unless you bought it on the last day of the Deal.

I've purchased a voucher big7g, how I can use it? 
We will send you a confirmation email mentioned your code and the certain specific details of the deal. And how to use it to take advantage of the deal.

What I have to do if no e-mails received? 
Please write to us through the following page on the site Contact us. We will check and post you shortly.

You could buy a voucher as a gift for someone else?
Of course we are the easiest way to make gifts for your friends and people close to you! (Except in the event that the terms and conditions provided for certain transactions on the other.

Can I buy a voucher from Big7g and give to a friend of mine? 
Yes it can be done, except in the cases where the terms and conditions are not applied.

If I do not use the total value of voucher in one visit, can I use the rest of the value in next  visits ?
No you Can‘t do so. Please see the Terms and Conditions of the deal in question.

Can I add the coupons with offers or other deals? 
No you can’t do so, except in the case where specifically mentioned on the coupon and the on terms and conditions of the Deal.

Using Big7g is secure and safe? 
Yes all your data are secured, all your credit card is transferred via a mechanism very safe and can’t be reviewed by any unauthorized person. There will be no danger or threat to your credit card details during the transaction you do with us. All of your personal data and your Credit will be safe at all times with us.

What do I do if the display company not responding and the voucher are still valid? 
If you have any problems with your voucher and you want to return it please write to us, terms and conditions apply

Can I tell an infinite number of people about big7g?
Yes, you can invite any number of people via your social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, or inform them in personally, via e-mail or any other method comes to your mind.

When big7g will be available in all other cities?
welfare is aimed to presence in the fastest time in all Arab world through Big7g and in any case if it is not available in your city and you would like to help in the launch of the site there, please email us the with your thoughts and your opinions and we will come back to you shortly .