Top Best smartwatches in Dubai UAE in 2016

before that Samsung and Pebble have to be the only competitors in the smartwatch market. Mostly smartphone developer are trying to produce a strong place in the smartwatch market that  make us to think and go through all of them to give you the top best smartwatches of 2016. Some of them are already launches while some of them are yet to be released. 

Apple smartwatch in Dubai UAE

After waiting around for a long time, the  apple smartwatch finally released in 2015 in dubai uae. This watch is available in three different models: a simple edition, smartwatch Sport edition and watch Edition that features 18 karat gold cases available in rose gold and yellow color. Users will be able to use Map, calendar, manage The apple smart TV and iTunes, manage music, use it as a remote camera, watch photo collection right from smart watch, use Siri and do other watch like stuff like clock, alarm and stop-watch. apple smart watch is avaialbel in dubai abu dhabi uae at different and cheap prices 

apple smartwatch in dubai uae

LG G Watch R

The LG G Watch  R is one of the best Android operating system smartwatch we have seen so far with a with  eye-catching design. It’s not really an alternative edition or alternative to the LG G watch but just a round  edition. The smartwatch contains 410mAh battery power, PPG indicator for better health and health  fitness experience and can be used with any Android operating system 4.3 or greater version. Users can check stock exchange and weather details, online community like facebook twitter notifications/messages, search for details using Ok Search engines and stay fit using health and fitness monitoring functions. The smartwatch expenses pricet 1200AED which makes it quite costly in comparison to other identical smartwatches.

Asus Zenwatch smartwatch in Dubai 

The perfect workmanship of the smartwatch by Asus is what get our attention when you look at it for the first time. It looks similar to real eye-catching timepiece while comes with most of the functions available in other Android operating system would wear. It costs less than the Motrola 360 and the LG G Observe R but the step keeping track of function and battery pack needs enhancement. Users can silence their cellphone, find their cellphone, stop alert, use distant camera, check notices, evaluate pulse rate and do other common smartwatch things. The Asus Zenwatch Dubai price is anticipated to be around 750 to 800AED which makes it quite cost effective smartwatch

Motrola 360motorola motrola 360 dubai price

Motorola Motrola 360 is so far one of the best Watch design-wise with a round type and also cost effective compared to other high end smartwatches. It’s comfortable, the workmanship seems top high quality while also contains most of the choices available in other identical smartwatches. You can examine weather reports, trip alerts, provide published written text or perform factors using “Ok Google”, use social media  like Facebook or myspace or fb messenger or Pinterest and also be healthy using the hrm and built-in electric pedometer. This WmartWatch  can be used with any Android operating program os 4.3 or later working smartphone. The New Motorola Motrola 360 Dubai price is arounf 1100AED at this time.

pebble smartwatch Dubai uae price

Pebble Smartwatch is the best choice for those who are not ready to invest a lot of money for smartwatches and are not looking for lot of functions. This smartwatch looks quite simple and awesome boasting an user-friendly and simple to use UI. It is suitable with both iOS and Android operating system gadgets so you don’t have to be concerned much about interface. pebble is waterproof up to 50 metres, provides up to 7 days of battery power, facilitates monitoring fitness things and allow customers to check e-mail, call and written text notices. The Pebble Smartwatch Dubai cost begins from 499AED while the steel edition expenses more around 1000 AED.

Fitbit surge smartwatch uae price


Like other Fitbit timepieces, this one mostly concentrates on fitness functions. However, customers can check notices from their smart phone too and control songs, which makes the Fitbit Surge a part of our best smartwatches list. It can be sused with iOS, Android operating system and Ms windows gadgets and needs Internet access and Wi-fi bluetooth for cellular phones. The system functions GPS monitoring, PurePulse pulse rate function, Wi-fi syncing, sleep monitoring and quiet alert, multi-sport assistance and more. The Fitbit Surge smartwatch Dubai prices are anticipated to range around 500AED to 950AED.

Lenovo vibe Band smartwatch Dubai uae price

The Lenovo Vibe Band is also just like Fitbit Increase where smartwatch is mixed with health and fitness group. It is Lenovo’s first effort afor  making smartwatch. The smartwatch functions e-ink show to give you 7days battery power and its IPx7 qualified which means you get to use it when bathing. Feature-wise, it is not something you have not seen before: verifying call and written text notices, notices from public networking sites, monitoring actions and determining calorie consumption. Customers you can link it with both iOS and Android operating system gadgets. The best part of this smartwatch is its east to carry and pocket friend watch cost which is around to be around 400 AED.

Sony  Smartwatch Dubai uae price


The Sony  Smartwatch 3 is Sony’s newest make an effort to contend with the prefers of Motrola 360 and LG G Observe R. While this watch is too simply to look at, it contains most of the functions available in other Android operating system smartwatch in dubai uae. A significant health and fitness relevant function of this watch is its built-in GPS function that performs even when you don't have phone with you. The smartwatch also contains NFC and Wi-Fi which keeps it forward of others. The 420mAh battery power is quite big in comparison to other smartwatches and also contains micro USB battery power charger for asking for. Customers can examine their notices, examine pointers from schedule or other applications, examine climate, search for things and use it while bathing as its IP68 ranked. However, this watch doesn’t consist of a heart-rate observe like most of the other smartwatches. People who are not fascinated to buy a high end smartwatch can look for this one at the cost of 899AED.

sony smartwatch dubai uae

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